Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Cut, Trim, Modify and Edit MP3 files

With mp3DirectCut, you can cut your favorite song and make it as ringtone without decrease the sound quality. You can edit, trim and modify directly an mp3 audio file without decompressing it to pcm. You can remove song lyrics, normalize volume, cut and join audio file, copying some parts etc. mp3DirectCut is very easy to use.

Download mp3DirectCut here (184 kb)


To real edit and modify mp3 files or other digital audio, you need another freeware; Audacity. Here are some abilities of Audacity:
  • Supports filetypes: .aup, .wav, .aif, .au, .mp3, .ogg and .lof
  • Able to generate silence, noise, tone, click track and pluck
  • You can record your own voice and music
  • Audacity allows you to manage and merge multiple audio track
  • You can zoom waveform until 0.000014 second so you can edit mp3 and other digital audio format in high accuracy
  • And of course, Audacity is able to manage both mono and stereo audio file
  • Other great ability of this free mp3 editor is availability of a lot of effects you need to edit and modify an mp3 and digital audio files.
  • In effects list you’ll find amplify, bass boost, change speed, change pitch, change tempo, fade in, fade out, remove noise, normalize volume, add echo and there are still many other effects.
  • This free digital audio editor will make you easier in analyzing plot spectrum, finding beats and silences.
So, by those facts I can say that Audacity is best free mp3 and digital audio editor until this time.

Download Audacity here.

audacity edit and modify mp3 files

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