Monday, June 16, 2008

How to Manual/Offline Update NOD32 Antivirus

For doing manual/offline update, first you must have the update files. You can download it from any server over internet. Here are steps I'm used to do:
  1. Start Google and search for phrase 'nod_upd' or click here
  2. Select one from the search result with 'Index of /nod_upd' on the title. Pay attention to the url or you may be back to this page.
  3. Download anything from the directory with extension *.nup and *.ver. You can use Free Download Manager to download multiple files.
  4. Save the downloaded files to usb flashdisk or cd.
Until now, you already have the update files then save them to the computer you want to update.
  1. Make a folder named 'nod_upd' (without apostrophes) in one of your harddrive.
  2. Copy all updates file you downloaded before to the folder.
  3. Select server location from Setup of Automatic Update box in NOD32 Control center. Point to where are your update files located.
  4. Try to run update by clicking Update now.
For NOD32 Antivirus version 3 (pictures below), there are little differences to configure manual/offline update.
  1. Make a folder named 'nod_upd' in one of your hard drive.
  2. Copy all updates file you downloaded before to the folder.
  3. Open NOD32 Antivirus main program and press F5 to open Setup.
  4. Go to Update below Antivirus and Antispyware section.
  5. On Update server click Edit…
  6. Define the ‘nod_upd’ folder address in your hard drive (For example: D:\nod_upd), click Add and OK. Click OK again.
  7. Run update from Update section by clicking Run virus signature database.

NOD32 setup window

NOD32 manual update

Whatever your result, please let me know by giving a comment.

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4 comments to “How to Manual/Offline Update NOD32 Antivirus”

lord said...

let me try
seems good

Vai said...

Does it works for u?

Zoran said...

Thanks! It works with NOD32 3.0.669.

Broken AnGel said...

dude can i ask? i followed the steps you gave, but i end up on a result same as your 2nd screen shot,.


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