Thursday, June 4, 2009

Photoscape - Best Free Photo Editing Software

Once you download and install it, you may won't believe that it's free! Photoscape is a free photo editing software with tons of abilities and easy of use. This best photo editing software armored with:

Viewer: View your photo collections in thumbnail mode and folder tree. You can resize thumbnail size easily.

Photoscape best free photo editing softwareEditor: Open a photo, you then can add frame, insert simple object, crop photo, remove red eye, resize photo, adjust brightness and color, add effects, and other useful yet simple operations.

Batch Editor: Just like Editor function with automate operation.

Page: Make a collage of some photos in one page. Similar with Contact Sheet on ACD See, with many available template.

Combine: Combine and merge photo shots in sequence. This function is like photomerge feature in Adobe Photoshop and Canon Photostitch.

AniGIF: Create a gif animation photo contains some photos.

Splitter: Split and divide photo into multiple parts

Screen Capture: Capture a screen shot and save it into many file formats.

Color Picker: Pick a color anywhere on the screen with Hex and RGB format. Similar Quick Color Picker.

Raw Converter: Ability to convert raw file format into JPG.

Rename: Renaming multiple photos with series of filename.

Print: Of course you can also print photos with many template size and thumbnail print.

I think a free photo editing software couldn't be better than this. That's why Photoscape is the best amazing free photo editor. I do recommend Photoscape for beginner and intermediate photo editor. Even a pro will get many advantages. It is a must have software.

Pros: Free, easy of use, tons of abilities.
Cons: It's rather hard (or impossible?) to capture Photoscape window itself.

Download Photoscape here.

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4 comments to “Photoscape - Best Free Photo Editing Software”

motomodder said...

very simple better photoshop, nice post

Reena said...

helllo how can i insert the date on the picture after i edit using photoscape? thank you

Vai said...

Reena, you can use the Batch Editor feature, choose Object tab on right of the screen then check Text 1. Customize your text by click on the yellow pencil icon. Click EXIF and you may select what photo info you wanna add to the photo as well as how they formatted.

Clara Margaret said...

Useful Photo Editing software


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