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Retouch and Beautify Digital Image Easily

Sometimes pictures produced by a digital or phone camera need to be edited before printed or published on internet. Especially pictures or photographs that was taken in dark/less lighting condition, moving object or taken by cheap digital and phone camera. There are many programs you can choose to fulfill your need of retouching digital image, one of them is Helicon Filter. Helicon filter is easy to use digital image editor even though for beginner because it process your image with wizard. This digital image editor offers several professional tools for editing process of an image.

Helicon Filter has an intuitive interface, help context and full screen preview for easy use and editing. Some professional photography editing tools included are selective noise reduction, sharpening without halos, haze compensation filter, chromatic aberration filter, distortion and vignette correction. After editing, you can directly print the image, send by email or send to mobile phone.

Download Helicon Filter here (31,54 mb)

Automatic Randomize Wallpaper Shifting

Desktop is the display that you see first after logon into a computer to start a job. Desktop wallpaper is one of important part that may influence your mood and affect on the result of your work. An amazing wallpaper picture will not amaze you anymore when you see it everyday for a long time, even that could bring you bored, isn’t it?

Wallpaper Shifter is program to automate wallpaper shifting every time you turn on computer and randomize wallpaper cycling in a defined folder. Usually, to make a picture as desktop background or wallpaper it has to be fit with display aspect ratio, but Cyber-D’s Wallpaper Shifter will handle all images with any aspect ratio image. So if the wallpaper picture doesn’t fit to desktop, Wallpaper Shifter will automatically crop, fit or center wallpaper images. You can also choose background for unfitted picture by default, blur of edge repeat effect. Wallpaper Shifter doesn’t consume a lot of computer resource since it only work once every computer starts.

Download this automatic randomize wallpaper shifter here. (8,11 mb)

File and Folder Manager; Q-Dir

Q-Dir is a file and folder explorer like Windows Explorer or Dual Explorer with many additional features and also, portable. These are features of Q-Dir:
  • Quadro view; allow you to open until 4 windows content 4 different location at the same time.
  • I-net search; displays summarize of a file like image dimension, file format, MP3 bitrate, file size, etc.
  • Screen magnifier; zoom into hovered area.
  • Quick Links; Jump to a specified location or open it in different windows.
  • Filter; select or highlight specified files by extensions.
  • Different filename and attributes color by extensions.
  • Easy drag and drop files and folders from one window to another.
  • You can install and runt it from removable media.
  • With Q-Dir you even able to save windows position and folder location for future uses!
Cons: No built-in file finder.

Download this file and folder manager here (191 kb is too small, isn’t it?) Read More...

Very Hidden Worksheet in Excel

A very hidden worksheet is a sheet that won’t be displayed in Excel interface. Unlike proper hidden worksheet, a very hidden worksheet isn’t showed in unhide selection dialog box. How to make a very hidden worksheet:

  1. Open the workbook (excel file)
  2. Open Visual Basic editor by pressing Alt + F11
  3. If Project Explorer and Properties not showed, press Ctrl + R then F4 to activate
  4. Select worksheet you want to hide in Project Explorer then go to Properties, look for item Visible, change the value to 2 – xlSheetVeryHidden.
  5. Return to Excel by press Alt + Q.
Now your worksheet is in VeryHidden mode. You’ll not able to open, view or edit the worksheet unless you set it back from the Visual Basic editor by setting Visible item to original value. FYI, a very hidden worksheet is only invisible, it doesn’t protect your data from being stolen. Read More...

Print to BMP, JPG, PNG, TIFF and PDF by Virtual Printer

Print to PNG, BMP, JPG, TIFF by virtual printer

For any purposes, you may want to print or save your document into image format such as BMP, JPG, PNG, TIFF, PDF or even RAW. The cheapest and easiest way to do so is by installing a virtual printer; ImagePrinter. This virtual printer allows you to print from any program to image format. You can download the installer here (996 kb). After install, you can configure the options to what image format you would print in File Format tab. Define the print output folder and press OK. Next, to print you have to choose ImagePrinter on print dialog box from any software then print as usual. I tried it, A4 sheet with full text produces file size around 936 kb in TIFF format by LZW compression and image dimension 2480 x 3507 pixels. If you print to PDF, it doesn’t produce a postscript PDF file but a raster document.

--Update on 02/Oct/2010--

Many people come to this page looking for a PNG printer and the ImagePrinter doesn't work well to handle large paper size document, especially the presence of watermark added by the free version of the software as reported. After digging for better alternative, you may try PDFCreator (download it here). Similar with ImagePrinter, PDFCreator is a virtual printer that is able to produce a PDF file and some other image format and it works well to handle large size document and doesn't add any watermark. But, when it comes to PNG files, it's unable to produce a transparent background as it is PNG format's ability.

Better output
I myself prefer to use this method to produce an better (if I can't say best) image output especially from Microsoft Word document:
  1. Export to PDF using Adobe Acrobat (choose press quality for best output)
  2. Import the PDF files to CorelDraw. Even I will be able to re-edit the file.
  3. Export to any image format from CorelDraw
However, if you're willing to pay for this kind of process, I can suggest you to purchase Zan Image Printer. Its ability to print to JPEG, TIFF, GIF, PDF, JPEG 2000, PNG and BMP files is very good. Read More...

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