Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Other Experience Utilizing Messenger

Yahoo! Messenger logo

Factually, everyday we talk with ourselves even you don't realize it. You talk to yourself about what you will do, what you will choose and so on. But, ever you chat with yourself using Yahoo! Messenger? If you ever, you don't need to read the rest of this post. If you haven't, it's not difficult. Even you don't have to edit registry or any secret tricks. All you need to do is adding your own ID as a new contact.

That's first. Second, try this. You must know when you BUZZ someone, there'll be time interval before you can do second buzz, exactly (according to my 'investigation') 15 seconds. Now try to buzz yourself by open a chat dialog first. There's no time interval between buzz(es) anymore and watch your chat dialog 'dance' when you press Ctrl+G continuously.

Next, you'll be able to monitor your own status. Try to switch you status to Invisible to Everyone. Instantly your 'official' status should be offline and your logo show in grey out.

Even you'll be able to buzz and chat with yourself, you won't be able to send file as you did with other person. Explore other joyfull while get chatthing with yourself. Don't forget leave a comment when you find something new.

Friday, August 15, 2008

New Line and Multiple Paragraph in One Cell on Excel

In Excel, when you pasting text from other application like word, notepad, web browser or any application, the spreadsheet breaks multiple paragraphs into multiple cells. It means also you overwrite existing data under your target cell. To prevent this, simply press F2 or double click the cell the paste. All the text will remain in one cell.

Or, when you type in a cell, you want make new line/multiple paragraph in a cell? First, type the text for the first line/paragraph. To make the new line/paragraph press Alt + Enter. Continue type your next line/paragraph. You can use this trick instead of wrap text for manual breaking of a sentence.

New Line and Multiple Paragraph in One Cell on Excel

Export IE Favorites and Firefox Bookmarks

Firefox exported bookmarks

Did you ever need to print Firefox bookmarks or IE favorites as well as copy them to removable media? The easiest way to do so is export them first. On IE you can simply go to menu File and choose Import and Export. For IE 7 users, if you don't see the menu bar, you can display it by pressing F10. Click Next, choose export favorites, click next twice then select location for exported favorites in HTM format. Click Next then Finish. Now you have a HTML page containing all your Favorites, organized in a sort of outline form that corresponds to any subfolders within the Favorites collection.

For Firefox, actually the bookmarks already formatted in HTML page, you just have to find the file. Usually, the file located in C:\Documents and Settings\[username]\Application Data\mozilla\firefox\profiles\[random]\bookmarks.html. Where [username] is your username and [random] is a random folder name.If you cannot find exact address, try to find in somewhere in folder below \profiles folder. Otherwise, you can export manually entire Firefox Bookmarks by:
  1. Go to Bookmarks menu point to Organize Bookmarks... (it will open Bookmarks Manager window)
  2. Go to File, Export...
  3. Browse location where you want to save the bookmarks then Save. 
To get printout of the bookmarks, just open in from any browser and print it as usually. Or you can send the file by email or USB flashdisk and import the file into other computer's browser. Read More...

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Modifying Tabs Width in Firefox

Firefox tab

Are you Firefoxer? I don't know who start this feature, but I think all browser now equipped with tabbed browsing feature. Tab make us easier when browsing a lot of page. Also, you certainly care about shrinking tabs size when you open many tabs. And when you open too many tabs, some tab will hide and start scrolling.

If you wanna see all your tabs, you can change minimum size of your tab or completely disable tab scrolling feature.
  1. Open Firefox, type about:config in address bar.
  2. It will open about:config page where configuration of Firefox stored.
  3. look for key browser.tabs.tabMinWidth, default value is 100.
  4. double click to modify the value to fit more tabs in the screen before it's scrolling
  5. or type 0 (zero) to completely disable this scrolling tabs feature. Restart Firefox to make change.
You can set to default value anytime later.

Monitor Internet and Network Connection on Vista

Vista Reliability and Performance monitor

Using Vista, do you feel something dragging on your internet connection? There's an easy way to check it without downloading any network monitoring software. Point to Control Panel | Administrative Tools, then click on the Reliability and Performance Monitor (or just search for the monitor from the Start menu). It will display Vista's Reliability and Performance Monitor. The monitor shows graphs of used resources on your pc i.e. CPU, disk, network and memory. Click the Network tab of Vista's Reliability and Performance Monitor. It displays every application tapping your connection, what application is using your connection as well as how many bytes per minute each sends and receives. If you you find some process (you don't need) consumes ur internet resources, close the application from Task Manager.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

How to remove Ads in Yahoo Messenger

I think it's okay when we get ads from Yahoo! Messenger because we're using their services free. But sometimes you may wanna throw away the ads. 

  1. First, exit Yahoo! Messenger. Not only click the X button but really 'exit'.
  2. Download a .bat file from here, save it on the desktop or anywhere in you local drive.
  3. Double clik the bat file you just downloaded.
  4. That's all, now try to launch YM and sign in. It works well on my computer, no more ads.
Source

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

5 Things I love about Opera

All people have their own choices. For web browser, I choose two major browser, Opera and Firefox. I will not telling about Firefox, but Opera.

These are features in Opera that I love so much, I’ve to say again, love them so much and some of them is not available in any other web browsers:
  1. Paste and go. It deserves to be number one. This feature really useful and help me when copy pasting any web page address. You don’t have to press enter or click ‘Go button’ anymore. Of course I didn’t try all other browser, but I think only Opera has this.
  2. Speed Dial. Opera offers you to display a ‘collection’ of your most visited or usefull site in a thumbnail. I found a similar function of this feature on firefox add-ons but, Opera still handle it better especially in the thumbnail appearance.
  3. Show Images. Browsing by Opera, make it possible for you to display image on visited page or not only by single click. There is also option to show only cached images. I found this also in Firefox add-ons but the add-ons doesn’t give me equivalent satisfaction as Opera did.
  4. Feed or RSS Reader. Opera equipped with integrated Feed/RSS reader. You can set the interval time of each feed update. By this feature, you don’t have to open any other program to read your RSS.
  5. Quick Preferences. You can: Manage pop-up, enable/disable GIF/SVG animation, enable/disable sounds on webpage, enable/disable Java and Javascripts, enable/disable cookies and proxy and others by only 2 simple action. First, press F12 then click the options.
Opera features I mention above ALL is integrated. It means you don’t have to download additional plugins or add-ons to put into use them.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Create Web Page in PDF format

How to convert a web page to PDF format? You can easily make a PDF format of a web page using a Firefox add-ons. Of course, you need Firefox installed, the PDF download add-ons and internet connection. Its add-ons feature lets you create a PDF file from any web page and send you as attachment in an email. Or, you can choose to save in local drive directly after converting process finish.If you frequently send a web page to your own email for reading later, you may feel this add-ons useful.
It is better to configure the default action for the converting results, whether you want to save directly to local drive or send it by email. First, I try to convert a Google result page by simply click the new toolbar on top right corner. Usually it doesn't take a long time to convert a web page, especially if the page is text only (without picture).
From the feature, it is possible to convert PDF format to HTML and read it on new Firefox tab. But, I found it didn't work. I don't know why.

How to use doPDF

Using doPDF to free create a PDF document is very easy and simple. You can follow steps below:
  1. Download the installer (1,42 mb) and install it.
  2. When the setup complete, you'll find a new printer driver installed on your Printer and Faxes folder. After the setup process finish, you don't have to configure anything. As I said, doPDF is very simple PDF creator.
  3. Open any application you usually use to make a plain document such as MS Word, Excel, Notepad or any other program.
  4. Create or open a document you want to make as a pdf document.
  5. Whenever you finish the document, go to Print... - choose doPDF v6 from printer name dropdown list - OK.
  6. When the process finish, the new PDF document will directly open in your default PDF document viewer such as Adobe Acrobat Reader, Foxit Reader, Sumatera PDF Reader or any other PDF reader.

doPDF free pdf creator

Because doPDF is very simple, you won't be able to do some other PDF capability e.g. combine PDF files, setting security level, embedding font choice etc. If you need this ability, you may choose another PDF maker.

When I try to make a PDF using doPDF, I didn't find any problem. But, if you meet any trouble when creating PDF using this software, feel free to tell it on comment area.

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