Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Advantages of Computer Spy

Computer is one thing that is easily found now. Once people go to official place they will find computer there. Actually, this stuff is not only can be found in formal places, it can also be found in informal places. Computer does really can be found anywhere. There will be many computers found in schools, hospitals, offices, hotels, factories, etc. Nowadays, computer is one thing that cannot be separated from people since it is helpful enough in helping people doing many things.

Dealing with computer, another thing that people need to know is computer spy. For those who have not been familiar with this term, what they need to do is checking This website will give more explanations about what computer spy actually is  to the visitors of this website. There are three steps how to use it that are provided in this website. Bt visiting thus website, people will be able to know about the spesifications and about the features of this product.


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Speed Up Firefox by Optimizing Profile Database

Though Mozilla Firefox is quit fast browser, with lapse of time you'll find it starts working much slowly, especially on old pc. One factor makes it so is fragmentation of profile databases including bookmark, password, history, etc. The solution is to use SpeedyFox to compact the databases without worrying about data loss. It means, SpeedyFox won't speed up your internet connection but it will speed up your slow Firefox browser.

Publisher of this useful tool claimed that SpeedyFox is abel to boost Firefox startup up to 3 times, speed up browsing history, cookies quicker operation etc.

Copy Bootable CD and DVD to USB Flash Drive

Generally, we are only able to run bootable CD or DVD from its original media. You cannot just copy the installation files to USB flash drive and run them from the USB drive since bootable CD or live CD contains additional boot loader, different from non bootable CD. Then, here is a program that will let you copy bootable CD and DVD to USB flash drive, USB stick, HDD etc. It means, you can install Windows from the portable media to your computer or netbook. Of course it will certainly facilitate the installation process to netbook since most of netbook not equipped with optical drive.

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