Monday, June 15, 2009

Duplicate CD and DVD That Match Your Need

Nowadays, CD and DVD is a common media to deliver most digital media. Digital media could be anything regarding to digital thing such as digital audio, video, pictures, presentation, software, etc. There are two ways to duplicate your CD and DVD; first duplicate them by yourself; second is using CD and DVD duplication service.

To duplicate CD and DVD by yourself, here are the checklist you must have:
  1. CD or DVD burner
  2. Burning software
  3. Blank CD or DVD

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Download Multiple Files with Free Download Manager

Free Download Manager, besides can download single file, it can also download multiple files in one download action. It means you don't have to download those multiple files one by one. Here I give example on how download NOD32 antivirus update from an online directory.
  1. Make sure you've installed Free Download Manager
  2. Go to the directory contain multiple files you want to download.
  3. Right click anywhere on the screen and click Download All with Free Download Manager
  4. 'Add list of downloads' box will appear and remove the file you don't need. In this case we will download only files with extension *.nup and *.ver and remove the rest.

Saturday, June 6, 2009 - Innovative Web Interaction

If you didn't ever hear before, it's time to check it out. is a website with a tag Institute for Interactive Research. The site offer new experience in very interesting habit of interacting with a site. You don't need any single click anymore. In the middle of your exploration, you'll get a simple vote weather you miss clicking something? Beware to not click anything that could bring you to "hang screen". Read More...

Convert and Open MS Office 2007 in Older Version

Along with MS Office 2007 launch in January 2007, Microsoft introduced several xml-based format for their MS Office document. Two of the most popular MS Office document format is DOCX and DOTX. DOCX is a regular extension of MS Word document replacing DOC format. XML-based formats came with MS Office 2007 is completely different with older Office formats such as DOC, XLS etc. So if you make a document in DOCX or DOTX format with Office 2007, you cannot open or edit it in older MS Office version.

To make your older MS Office is able for opening and editing MS Office 2007 document, you need download and install Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2007 File Formats (27.5mb). After install, any Office 2007 documents opened with older Office version will be converted into older Office format.

File extension DOTX is a template file format for MS Word 2007. With a template, you can set default format for your future documents such as font style, page setup, line spacing, etc. There is always at least one file extension DOTX included in MS Word 2007 installation. While you may create additional template for all your needs.

In a case you got document with file extension DOTX or DOCX from others, sometimes you may get error due to bug on MS Office 2007 that run on Vista, you can convert the files into RTF. Docx2Rtf is a tiny software that able to convert docx, dotx, sxw, and odf to rtf (Rich Text Format). RTF is a format that could be opened by most text editing application. Or, you can download OpenOffice to open file extension DOTX or other MS Office 2007 format. Read More...

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Photoscape - Best Free Photo Editing Software

Once you download and install it, you may won't believe that it's free! Photoscape is a free photo editing software with tons of abilities and easy of use. This best photo editing software armored with:

Viewer: View your photo collections in thumbnail mode and folder tree. You can resize thumbnail size easily.

Photoscape best free photo editing softwareEditor: Open a photo, you then can add frame, insert simple object, crop photo, remove red eye, resize photo, adjust brightness and color, add effects, and other useful yet simple operations.

Batch Editor: Just like Editor function with automate operation.

Page: Make a collage of some photos in one page. Similar with Contact Sheet on ACD See, with many available template.

Combine: Combine and merge photo shots in sequence. This function is like photomerge feature in Adobe Photoshop and Canon Photostitch.

AniGIF: Create a gif animation photo contains some photos.

Splitter: Split and divide photo into multiple parts

Screen Capture: Capture a screen shot and save it into many file formats.

Color Picker: Pick a color anywhere on the screen with Hex and RGB format. Similar Quick Color Picker.

Raw Converter: Ability to convert raw file format into JPG.

Rename: Renaming multiple photos with series of filename.

Print: Of course you can also print photos with many template size and thumbnail print.

I think a free photo editing software couldn't be better than this. That's why Photoscape is the best amazing free photo editor. I do recommend Photoscape for beginner and intermediate photo editor. Even a pro will get many advantages. It is a must have software.

Pros: Free, easy of use, tons of abilities.
Cons: It's rather hard (or impossible?) to capture Photoscape window itself.

Download Photoscape here.

How to Insert Date in Excel

Here is a very simple yet effective way to insert or add date in excel. To do so, you only need to type one of these function in a cell:

=now()           to insert current date and time
=today()        to insert current date only

Paste values excelFYI, with the two formulas above, it will add current date same with your computer date and clock. Make sure to synchronize your computer date and time first. If you use formula above and save your documents, you'll find the date and time changes by date of your computer. So if you open the document tomorrow, the function will show date of tomorrow. To avoid changing date made by both formula, copy and paste values it in same cell. You can also change the date format from menu Format - Cells... or press Ctrl + 1
Change date format in excel

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