Sunday, November 16, 2008

CorelDraw Viewer, ST Thumbnails Explorer

Here is an easy to use CorelDraw viewer and other vector file named ST Thumbnails Explorer or StTex. Not only cdr viewer, StTex also allow you browse thumbnail and view files produced by vector editor:
  • CorelDraw v.4 - X4 (cdr, cmx, ccx, cdt, pat)
  • Adobe Illustrator v.7 - CS3 (ai, ait, eps)
  • Macromedia Freehand v.7 - 11 (fh7-11, ft8-11)
  • CorelXara and Xara X (xar, art, web)
Beside as cdr viewer or vector viewer, StTex also supports tons of bitmap files such as jpg, bmp, png, tiff, gif etc.

Here are some abilities of ST Thumbnail Explorer:
  • Support drag & drop, shell's context menu etc and can be used as the full file-manager (like MS Explorer)
  • Handle some vector formats without installation of the appropriate vector editors;
  • Able to explore and view files in local networks;
  • Rotates and scales thumbnails of files in a range from 32x32 up to 600x600 pixels;
  • Displays parameters of files (version, parameters of thumbnails, keywords and notes, size, date etc), as tooltips and in status bar;
  • Filters displayed files (including with wildcards);
  • Displays animation of plural animated GIF files in the browser window;
  • Displays all pages of multi-page TIFF, GIF, ICO and some other file formats;
  • Copy the parameters of selected files for use by any other applications;
  • Flexibly sort displayed files by many parameters;
  • It can transparent define the size of free space on the remote disks;
FYI, StTex uses external engines to extract vector file. So, your computer must be installed CorelDraw 10+ to view CorelDraw files otherwise StTex will only display the thumbnails. At first launch (if you already install CorelDraw 10 above) StTex will extract any cdr files that could take several time depending on you computer speed then store the extraction result on a database. The extraction will only occur once. On next launch StTex will access the database to display cdr files. ST Thumbnails Explorer is first non-freeware software I review regarding its benefit and ability. You may download 30 day full functional trial version before deciding to buy.

Download ST Thumbnails Explorer here

ST Thumbnails Explorer

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