Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Speed Up Firefox by Optimizing Profile Database

Though Mozilla Firefox is quit fast browser, with lapse of time you'll find it starts working much slowly, especially on old pc. One factor makes it so is fragmentation of profile databases including bookmark, password, history, etc. The solution is to use SpeedyFox to compact the databases without worrying about data loss. It means, SpeedyFox won't speed up your internet connection but it will speed up your slow Firefox browser.

Publisher of this useful tool claimed that SpeedyFox is abel to boost Firefox startup up to 3 times, speed up browsing history, cookies quicker operation etc.

Run SpeedyFox regularly to speed up Firefox depends on your browsing activity frequency. Whenever you feel the browser start slowly, it's time to SpeedyFox!


Download SpeedyFox newest version here.

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