Sunday, January 23, 2011

Avast Free Antivirus for Windows XP SP1

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Yesterday a friend ask me to reinstall his computer. Unfortunately what he has was only Windows XP SP1 OS. After reformatting and installing the OS successfully, I need to install a free antivirus. It took time to find out a free antivirus supports XP SP1. First I download AVG, install, no success. Second one is Avira Antivir. It only supports XP SP4.

After digging online, I found that Avast antivirus supports Windows XP SP1. I downloaded it, install and it run smoothly. You just need to register the free Avast to get free key in order to be able update its virus database frequently. It could be a reason behind why Avast rank #2 on Cnet's most popular downloads.

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8 comments to “Avast Free Antivirus for Windows XP SP1”

heksawati said...

makasih banyak atas infonya..
besok mampir lagi nih..

greatwebs said...

AVAST V5 works great until it updates to V6. Then all hell breaks loose...Hope you have Restore turned on.

Home Decor said...

@greatwebs, thanks for your suggestion (:

nas_phie said...

waaah,,,antivirus ya,,,,
hemmm,,,siip-sip-sip...makasih nih,,semoga bisa mengamankan komputer..

3D4PC-Ryan-Newby-3D- said...

ahhhhh, just when you think you have an easy job. Hint always have every OS and service Pack on Hand Hehehehe.
Good Blog Brother Wolf. Your mate Ryan Newby

Samurai Shonan said...

The YOURS section is not reading the IP address correctly.

Vai said...

@Samurai Shonan, really? here is fine.

Rifand anfield said...

Ini yang saya cari...makash..



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