Wednesday, October 17, 2012

[SOLVED] Windows 7 Tiles View Missing

Windows Explorer tile view


After fixing my computer that lagging and cpu usage up and down, I noticed that view inside Windows Explorer got changed. The difference clearly noticeable especially on 'Computer' folder. Usually the folder shows the amount of free space of each partition. But it's gone. Turns out the problem is the folder view mode is no longer 'Tile' view as usual, but it changed to 'Extended Tile' view and 'Tile' view option was missing.

I like the 'Tile' view since I can monitor free space on the hard drive easily by displaying graphs, especially which partition contains less or more data. My initial attempt to bring back the 'Tile' view is 'Restore Defaults' at every tab under Folder and search options. Still, the 'Tile' view didn't show up.


Finally I found a very easy solution on Go to this page, download the number "1. To Restore Default Folder Templates for All Folders". It was a bat file, then run it. Immediately after the bat finished running, I checked the view option inside Windows Explorer and voila! The 'Tile' view successfully restored.

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