Saturday, June 14, 2008

How to Automatically update NOD32 Antivirus

NOD32 Antivirus
Before running automatic update, you have to decide which server you want to update from.
  1. Open control center, point to update - update.
  2. Click setup on the pop-up window beside control center.
  3. On the location section, select server name you want to use for update.
  4. Click Ok and Run update.
Besides that, you may also add your own server by:
  1. Click Servers… on Setup of Automatic Update box.
  2. Click Add…, enter the server address then Ok.
  3. Select your server in the server location then Ok.
  4. Try to run update by clicking Update now.
Note: You can find NOD32 server location address, try googling by keyword "nod_upd" or you can click here. Read other post about how to manually update NOD32 antivirus. To check whether the server you choose is free or not, you'll prompted to input user ID and password every time updating from a not free server.

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softcluster said...

i always have pain in my head when installing this anti virus.
I prefer to AVG than NOD

eko said...

AVG is slower than NOD

Nema said...

thank you!

Michael said...

Useful post



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