Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Best, Free and Easy MP3 Player; Winamp 2.95

Who doesn't listen to mp3? What mp3 player do you use?

Until now, I still loyal to Winamp 2.95. What? that old version? Yes, Winamp 2.95 is an old version of legendary Winamp mp3 player made by Nullsoft. This is last version before Nullsoft launch their new generation of Winamp started by Winamp 3.0. This old version doesn't require high spec, not greedy resource, fast loading, support many file formats, the sounds still hear good, and still free! The most important is, its user friendly and easy of use. The essence from an mp3 player is to play mp3 file, isn't it? that's all. So what do you expect from an mp3 player?

I prefer suggest you to download it from OldVersion than digging it from author's site.

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