Friday, July 25, 2008

Free PDF Creator for Office 2007

Save as PDF in Office 2007

Using Office 2007, you would be able to make a PDF document directly from any MS Office 2007 application. In other word, Office 2007 works as a free pdf converter/creator.

First, you must download and install a plugin/add-in name Microsoft Save as PDF or XPS. You can download it here. You may also download it from any other source. For your attention, when you download the save as PDF or XPS from Microsoft site, it will require a genuine Office validation. The installation file size about 934 kb. After finish downloading the plugin installer, just install it and follow the instructions. When the installation complete, you will find a new item in the Save As under Office button that is Save as PDF or XPS.

That's all, now you can make a PDF file from any MS Office 2007 application as easy as saving document.

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