Sunday, May 24, 2009

How to Download Youtube Video and Anything

Still confuse on how to download a Youtube video? and anything? Haha. First of all, you must download Free Download Manager (FDM). FDM is a download manager that supports resumable downloads and multiple simultaneous downloads. You can choose between regular FDM or FDM Lite. FDM Lite contain only download manager program without any plugins. Regular FDM includes video conversion plugin, bittorent plugin, uploads plugin and language pack. After download, install it.

Next, open your browser (i.e. Mozilla Firefox). Go to or any web you wish. Right click the video title and click Download with Free Download Manager.

Right click

Decide where you want to save downloaded video. OK.

Choose folder on FDM

Besides download video, if you download a zip file, FDM gives you option to preview the zip files before download them. Even you don't assign FDM to download something, if you let FDM start on Windows startup, it will take over your downloading action because it is able to monitor any download activities.

You now can download Youtube video directly from the site by clicking on Download MP4 button. Go to My Videos -> Uploaded Videos.

Download youtube video

Picture taken from Anyway, you can still use Free Download Manager to boost your download speed.

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Shareumentarian said...

Im trying to download this video: ( and can't seem to find a site to do it, do you have any ideas

vira said...

thank you, i wanna try it

HpNugroho said...

Good info, thanks for share.

Vai said...

@Shareumentarian: I'm sorry, I can't handle it also. I'll tell you later when it's done.
@Vira & Nugroho: You're all welcome said...

mantab lanjutkan heheeh ::D


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