Thursday, June 4, 2009

How to Insert Date in Excel

Here is a very simple yet effective way to insert or add date in excel. To do so, you only need to type one of these function in a cell:

=now()           to insert current date and time
=today()        to insert current date only

Paste values excelFYI, with the two formulas above, it will add current date same with your computer date and clock. Make sure to synchronize your computer date and time first. If you use formula above and save your documents, you'll find the date and time changes by date of your computer. So if you open the document tomorrow, the function will show date of tomorrow. To avoid changing date made by both formula, copy and paste values it in same cell. You can also change the date format from menu Format - Cells... or press Ctrl + 1
Change date format in excel

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2 comments to “How to Insert Date in Excel”

USER001 said...

For those who might be interested, if you want to have the current date only, eg, for the date to always show the current date only even if opened tomorrow, you can put in the formula:

Ctrl + ;

Probably everyone knows this but I find it very useful and use it daily!

Vai said...

Thanks User001. That'd be a great help.


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