Friday, October 1, 2010

Backup Games using SaveGameBackup

Backup game

Doing backups is important, especially that no one can tell us what will happen in the future. These conditions seem to be quite alarming for everyone, especially gaming fans, because we do not want to repeat the game to the earlier level.

Anticipating these conditions, gamers can try to make backups of some game applications which routinely played by manually copying it into another folder. However, I felt it's so time consuming, when in-game backup numerous. The best solution is using a game backup freeware called SaveGameBackup.

This small freeware is able to automatically detect all the installed games, next you can make backups at once to the desired folder. Users can easily restore the backup simply by double click the backup file, then extract them to the location of the original game.

Download SaveGameBackup here (512 kb)

Comments :

Abet Daniel said...

thank you. I'll try to back up all my important file.


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