Friday, October 1, 2010

DNS Benchmark to Benchmark DNS

DNS benchmark

Selecting a DNS (Domain Name Server) that perform well are very important for the stability and speed of internet access to a site. And of course, this is a 'hard' process especially for newbie. Ever wondering how to benchmark a DNS speed easily? Various software can be a quick solution for the user, one of which can be selected is a freeware called DNS Benchmark.

It offers accuracy and ease of analysis and comparison process control. Users do not have to bother because of all the automatic process handled by the DNS Benchmark. Some testing of response time are included in this application, includes cached lookup, uncached lookup and dotcom lookups.

To facilitate reading the results of the analysis, DNS Benchmark is capable of displaying a noodle bars graphic, as well as data in tabular form. By looking at the results of the analysis, user can easily choose the fastest DNS to be used.

Download DNS Benchmark here (154 kb)

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