Sunday, June 14, 2009

Download Multiple Files with Free Download Manager

Free Download Manager, besides can download single file, it can also download multiple files in one download action. It means you don't have to download those multiple files one by one. Here I give example on how download NOD32 antivirus update from an online directory.
  1. Make sure you've installed Free Download Manager
  2. Go to the directory contain multiple files you want to download.
  3. Right click anywhere on the screen and click Download All with Free Download Manager
  4. 'Add list of downloads' box will appear and remove the file you don't need. In this case we will download only files with extension *.nup and *.ver and remove the rest.
  5. Select destination folder of downloaded files. OK. Wait until download process finish.

Download multiple files with FDM

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8 comments to “Download Multiple Files with Free Download Manager”

Gandhi Hetami said...

i know other software that can makes donload more 3x faster, that is IDM internet download manager, search it, install and feel

Vai said...

Unfortunately IDM is not free. Even though I'll try it. Thanks for your info.

zf_1221 said...

who is the best,
FDM or IDM (Internet Download Manager)...??

Vai said...

Actually, download speed depends on many factors such as internet connection and download server. One thing, paid software commonly perform better than the free one.

free-downloaddriver said...

Salam kenal bro, sekalin numpang beken, kapa ya bisa sebeken ini, bagi tips nya dunk biar aku juga bisa sebeken blog ini

Vai said...

Salam kenal juga bro. Gak ada tips khusus kok, just keep posting...

ghafurul83 said...

yeah i think your english is very bad hahaha

Administrator Frelia said...

Unfortunately, IDM is not free. But we can get some crack for it.
Nice to meet you, Frelia si Anak SD yang mukanya jelek kayak kepiting rebus..
Please visit me back^^


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