Thursday, January 8, 2009

Automatic Randomize Wallpaper Shifting

Desktop is the display that you see first after logon into a computer to start a job. Desktop wallpaper is one of important part that may influence your mood and affect on the result of your work. An amazing wallpaper picture will not amaze you anymore when you see it everyday for a long time, even that could bring you bored, isn’t it?

Wallpaper Shifter is program to automate wallpaper shifting every time you turn on computer and randomize wallpaper cycling in a defined folder. Usually, to make a picture as desktop background or wallpaper it has to be fit with display aspect ratio, but Cyber-D’s Wallpaper Shifter will handle all images with any aspect ratio image. So if the wallpaper picture doesn’t fit to desktop, Wallpaper Shifter will automatically crop, fit or center wallpaper images. You can also choose background for unfitted picture by default, blur of edge repeat effect. Wallpaper Shifter doesn’t consume a lot of computer resource since it only work once every computer starts.

Download this automatic randomize wallpaper shifter here. (8,11 mb)

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