Thursday, January 8, 2009

Retouch and Beautify Digital Image Easily

Sometimes pictures produced by a digital or phone camera need to be edited before printed or published on internet. Especially pictures or photographs that was taken in dark/less lighting condition, moving object or taken by cheap digital and phone camera. There are many programs you can choose to fulfill your need of retouching digital image, one of them is Helicon Filter. Helicon filter is easy to use digital image editor even though for beginner because it process your image with wizard. This digital image editor offers several professional tools for editing process of an image.

Helicon Filter has an intuitive interface, help context and full screen preview for easy use and editing. Some professional photography editing tools included are selective noise reduction, sharpening without halos, haze compensation filter, chromatic aberration filter, distortion and vignette correction. After editing, you can directly print the image, send by email or send to mobile phone.

Download Helicon Filter here (31,54 mb)

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3 comments to “Retouch and Beautify Digital Image Easily”

dewazildjian said...

kemana aja?

Answer said...

wah...bermanfaat nih............boleh dicoba....kebetulan aku juga seneng ngedit2an

grace said...

Yes! If you use camera you need to take retouch image for your photos,because some camera only have very low pixels.


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