Sunday, March 29, 2009

Force Printing Large Page Into One Paper on Excel

How to print a large into one paper in Excel? Sometime you need it to save paper or just for analyzing the data. There are several ways to do it.

First, adjust paper margin on page setup to its minimum value. Change page orientation if necessary.

Excel page setup

Second, you may choose one of two following:
1. Manual page break. To adjust page break manually, go to View - Page Break Preview. Click OK if you get welcome message. In Page break preview, you can adjust the pages by click and drag the blue solid border or dash blue border.

2. Scaling your document automatically. To scale document automatically, go to File - Page Setup. On Page tab adjust to xxx% normal size. That the first option. Second option is Select the Fit to check box, enter a number in the page(s) wide by box, and enter a number in the tall box. To fill the paper width and use as many pages as necessary, type 1 in the pages(s) wide by box and leave the tall box blank.

Excel fit to pages

FYI, always use print preview to check every change you made to make sure that your printout will be still readable. Adjusting scaling to fewer percent or fitting pages into higher ratio may cause your text unreadable. In many cases I met, handling a large table only need to change the tall box value (to 8, 10 etc.) and leave the pages wide by box value is 1.

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