Wednesday, March 4, 2009

ZIP and AVI Data Fix and Recovery


I'm still going on recovery. ZIP is one of popular file compression format, many used to shrink file size to send over internet or email. In certain cases, the file being corrupt after transfered.

Object FIX ZIP is an utility which is able to fix (and recover) damage or corrupt zip file. Usually the damage caused by incomplete download. In the duty, Object FIX ZIP only fix the zip file to be able extracted properly.

  1. Download Object FIX ZIP here (1.15 mb) and install.
  2. Run Object FIX ZIP, click Add to choose the zip file.
  3. Choose the destination folder of extracted zip file. Next.
  4. Recovery process runs, wait until finish.
There are also some RAR file recovery programs, but I can't find the free one.

AVI File Recovery

Sometimes, after downloading an AVI file, you find the file is corrupt and not playable with any media player. It's time to use DivFix++ to recover that AVI file.

  1. Download DivFix++ here (752 kb) and run without installation.
  2. Click Add files and choose the AVI file you want to fix. Or you may use drag n drop.
  3. Choose the location where to save the fixed file.
  4. To make sure that the AVI file is really error, click Check Errors.
  5. Give a check also to the option in right bottom corner on Keep Original File and Cut Out Bad Parts. Click Fix.
After recovery process, try to open the fixed AVI file and check for errors. Good luck!

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ravi said...

great post

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danu said...

I'll try it.


I just find your blog. I must say that it is very good read. I will recommend it to my friends.

Pribadi said...

@ Ravi, Danu & Bambang: Thank you and you're welcome

zwr said...

Do you know a very nice application Advanced Advanced Zip Repair. It is a powerful tool to recover messages, folders and other objects from corrupt or damaged zip files.

Alexis said...

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Alex said...

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Alex said...

As for me I wasn't in like conditions,but familiars had similar problems,and they used-zip file is damaged.As they said tool is quite reliable and has free status,in addition it repair damage zip file uses several intellectual algorithms to extract your data and compare the results.

Alexis said...

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David said...

There is one more zip recovery software whose name is stellar phoenix zip recovery. It is used to repair corrupted zip file as well as zip archive.

Jennie said...

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Aaron Bentley said...

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