Monday, June 15, 2009

Duplicate CD and DVD That Match Your Need

Nowadays, CD and DVD is a common media to deliver most digital media. Digital media could be anything regarding to digital thing such as digital audio, video, pictures, presentation, software, etc. There are two ways to duplicate your CD and DVD; first duplicate them by yourself; second is using CD and DVD duplication service.

To duplicate CD and DVD by yourself, here are the checklist you must have:
  1. CD or DVD burner
  2. Burning software
  3. Blank CD or DVD

CD or DVD burner, also known as CD-RW and DVD-RW is an optical hardware that has ability to write files into blank CD or DVD. From the physical appearance, there is no differences between CD-RW or DVD-RW with CD-ROM or DVD-ROM. Even though CD-ROM or DVD-ROM hasn't ability to write files, they only read written CD or DVD.

Since Windows XP support to burn CD or DVD, actually you don't need additional software. But if the CD you need is more complicated such as Video CD, you need more than that. There are a lot of CD or DVD software, either paid or freeware.

Last but not least, you need blank CD or DVD as media you burn your files to. One box of 100 CDs priced at around $7 - $15. While DVD usually more expensive. When all you need is complete, you now ready to duplicate your CD and DVD.

With above method, you'll able to duplicate CD and DVD with limited number. If your office need to duplicate dozens or hundreds of CD and DVD, it's better to go to the CD and DVD Replication Service. If you live in US, especially Chicago you can go to CD Duplication in Chicago. Besides that, there is also Chicago Video Production Company is other place to go when you need to produce video and spread them to you customers.

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rifaabe said...

nice post, what software which we can do to burn CD or DVD?

Vai said...

You can try CDBurnerXP. Otherwise the most popular not free CD burner software is Nero, Alcohol 120%, Roxio etc.

Zona Klik said...

wah, keren banget informasinya..
thanks so much....

Admin said...

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podcaster said...

nce post and tips :) english semua artikelnya

lafa said...

nice post i think it is very usefull



sephtian said...

nice post, thanks..

asep said...

thanks for posting this

Surewi uniforms said...

Nice info sobat, sukses selalu


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