Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Resize Multiple Images With SNS-Resizer

The easiest way to resize multiple pictures is using a batch program named SNS-Resizer. Besides resizing multiple images, with this application you can add 'Picture taken on' data, frame, and watermark to images you want to modify.

First, download SNS-Resizer here (853kb). After download, you don't have to install anything because this is a portable application or no installation needed, so run it.

Select the scaling method, target size, and image quality. Choose also the process option. If you check 'Save in a separate directory', SNS-Resizer will create new folder on the image directory you processed.

To add 'picture taken on', check it to activate the option. the date displayed taken from metadata (EXIF) of the images. If you would like to add frame, check also the Frame option. You can add watermark and set the watermark position under the frame option. To make watermark, make an image file and name it 'watermark.png' in the same location/folder with SNS-Resizer. After all finish, click 'Add current setting to the list' on the top right corner. If you don't do the last action, your configuration won't be available on the send to menu. Why send to menu? because to resize these multiple images, you just need to select the images, right click, send to and choose the configuration you set. Last, save it.


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