Thursday, August 14, 2008

Modifying Tabs Width in Firefox

Firefox tab

Are you Firefoxer? I don't know who start this feature, but I think all browser now equipped with tabbed browsing feature. Tab make us easier when browsing a lot of page. Also, you certainly care about shrinking tabs size when you open many tabs. And when you open too many tabs, some tab will hide and start scrolling.

If you wanna see all your tabs, you can change minimum size of your tab or completely disable tab scrolling feature.
  1. Open Firefox, type about:config in address bar.
  2. It will open about:config page where configuration of Firefox stored.
  3. look for key browser.tabs.tabMinWidth, default value is 100.
  4. double click to modify the value to fit more tabs in the screen before it's scrolling
  5. or type 0 (zero) to completely disable this scrolling tabs feature. Restart Firefox to make change.
You can set to default value anytime later.

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