Wednesday, August 6, 2008

5 Things I love about Opera

All people have their own choices. For web browser, I choose two major browser, Opera and Firefox. I will not telling about Firefox, but Opera.

These are features in Opera that I love so much, I’ve to say again, love them so much and some of them is not available in any other web browsers:
  1. Paste and go. It deserves to be number one. This feature really useful and help me when copy pasting any web page address. You don’t have to press enter or click ‘Go button’ anymore. Of course I didn’t try all other browser, but I think only Opera has this.
  2. Speed Dial. Opera offers you to display a ‘collection’ of your most visited or usefull site in a thumbnail. I found a similar function of this feature on firefox add-ons but, Opera still handle it better especially in the thumbnail appearance.
  3. Show Images. Browsing by Opera, make it possible for you to display image on visited page or not only by single click. There is also option to show only cached images. I found this also in Firefox add-ons but the add-ons doesn’t give me equivalent satisfaction as Opera did.
  4. Feed or RSS Reader. Opera equipped with integrated Feed/RSS reader. You can set the interval time of each feed update. By this feature, you don’t have to open any other program to read your RSS.
  5. Quick Preferences. You can: Manage pop-up, enable/disable GIF/SVG animation, enable/disable sounds on webpage, enable/disable Java and Javascripts, enable/disable cookies and proxy and others by only 2 simple action. First, press F12 then click the options.
Opera features I mention above ALL is integrated. It means you don’t have to download additional plugins or add-ons to put into use them.

Comments :

Fejack said...

I agree. No matter how nice Firefox has become, I still keep an install of Opera at hand and use it mostly for text and image-based browsing.


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