Friday, August 15, 2008

Export IE Favorites and Firefox Bookmarks

Firefox exported bookmarks

Did you ever need to print Firefox bookmarks or IE favorites as well as copy them to removable media? The easiest way to do so is export them first. On IE you can simply go to menu File and choose Import and Export. For IE 7 users, if you don't see the menu bar, you can display it by pressing F10. Click Next, choose export favorites, click next twice then select location for exported favorites in HTM format. Click Next then Finish. Now you have a HTML page containing all your Favorites, organized in a sort of outline form that corresponds to any subfolders within the Favorites collection.

For Firefox, actually the bookmarks already formatted in HTML page, you just have to find the file. Usually, the file located in C:\Documents and Settings\[username]\Application Data\mozilla\firefox\profiles\[random]\bookmarks.html. Where [username] is your username and [random] is a random folder name.If you cannot find exact address, try to find in somewhere in folder below \profiles folder. Otherwise, you can export manually entire Firefox Bookmarks by:
  1. Go to Bookmarks menu point to Organize Bookmarks... (it will open Bookmarks Manager window)
  2. Go to File, Export...
  3. Browse location where you want to save the bookmarks then Save. 
To get printout of the bookmarks, just open in from any browser and print it as usually. Or you can send the file by email or USB flashdisk and import the file into other computer's browser.

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2 comments to “Export IE Favorites and Firefox Bookmarks”

jwhclark said...

This solution, however, does not actually print the URLs (which is what most people would find valuable). Is there a way to save and print the website URLs?

subzer0099 said...

yes there is a way to print urls from firefox, 1. 1st you must make a bookmark with the following javascript code:

javascript:(function(){var d=document,sS='a[href^="http://"]:after, a[href^="https://"]:after {content:"<" attr(href) ">";padding:0 0 0 1em;} a[href] {text-decoration:none;}',nS=d.createElement('STYLE');nS.setAttribute('type','text/css');nS.innerHTML=unescape(sS);d.getElementsByTagName('head')[0].appendChild(nS);})();

2. Name the bookmark Show addresses,

3. next export your firefox bookmarks as html to desktop.

4 drop the bookmark file into firefox.

5 click the Show addresses link.

6. your addresses should now be visible your print.


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