Friday, August 1, 2008

How to use doPDF

Using doPDF to free create a PDF document is very easy and simple. You can follow steps below:
  1. Download the installer (1,42 mb) and install it.
  2. When the setup complete, you'll find a new printer driver installed on your Printer and Faxes folder. After the setup process finish, you don't have to configure anything. As I said, doPDF is very simple PDF creator.
  3. Open any application you usually use to make a plain document such as MS Word, Excel, Notepad or any other program.
  4. Create or open a document you want to make as a pdf document.
  5. Whenever you finish the document, go to Print... - choose doPDF v6 from printer name dropdown list - OK.
  6. When the process finish, the new PDF document will directly open in your default PDF document viewer such as Adobe Acrobat Reader, Foxit Reader, Sumatera PDF Reader or any other PDF reader.

doPDF free pdf creator

Because doPDF is very simple, you won't be able to do some other PDF capability e.g. combine PDF files, setting security level, embedding font choice etc. If you need this ability, you may choose another PDF maker.

When I try to make a PDF using doPDF, I didn't find any problem. But, if you meet any trouble when creating PDF using this software, feel free to tell it on comment area.

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