Friday, August 1, 2008

Create Web Page in PDF format

How to convert a web page to PDF format? You can easily make a PDF format of a web page using a Firefox add-ons. Of course, you need Firefox installed, the PDF download add-ons and internet connection. Its add-ons feature lets you create a PDF file from any web page and send you as attachment in an email. Or, you can choose to save in local drive directly after converting process finish.If you frequently send a web page to your own email for reading later, you may feel this add-ons useful.
It is better to configure the default action for the converting results, whether you want to save directly to local drive or send it by email. First, I try to convert a Google result page by simply click the new toolbar on top right corner. Usually it doesn't take a long time to convert a web page, especially if the page is text only (without picture).
From the feature, it is possible to convert PDF format to HTML and read it on new Firefox tab. But, I found it didn't work. I don't know why.

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